Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker: ‘The spirit of the Antichrist’ inside those who mock the president

2017-05-16_0153 Jessica Hahn
Remember Jessica Hahn? Jim Bakker certainly does …

Memo to Pastor Jim Bakker: This is America, you philandering fool (no wonder he has such an affinity for this president.) We mock our political leaders, and none have been spared. You want to live in a country where making fun of the president is forbidden, maybe you would feel more at home in North Korea. Oh wait, they kill Christians there. How about being grateful to God that you live in a nation where we still have the freedom to question and, yes, mock authority instead of smearing those exercising said rights with the most absurd of accusations … http://www.newsmax.com/US/Bakker-Antichrist/2017/05/15/id/790162/

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