Family of Penn State student who died in hazing incident to sue the school, fraternity

Take these bastards for everything they are worth! Hopefully, the actions being taken by this family will lead to their stated goal of eliminating hazing and alcohol abuse in these college fraternities. From USA Today

Jim Piazza said no fraternity members nor Penn State representatives attended his son’s funeral. The fraternity chapter was shut down. Piazza said Penn State must do more and make “significant changes,” adding that his family has received encouragement from across the nation.

“They need to put in a lot of policies and procedures that will eliminate alcohol in the fraternities,” he told Good Morning America. “They should not be hazing at all. It’s a crime.”

The university issued a statement Monday saying the university official assigned to represent the school at student funeral services was unable to attend due to a family emergency. The school has been in frequent communication with the family, the statement said. It said it initiated aggressive enforcement, education and monitoring measures well before Piazza’s death, adding that binge drinking at universities “is a national problem that has been worsening.”

“Our hearts go out to the family,” the statement says. “This is heart-wrenching for the family, and our entire community.”

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