The gloves are coming off: #NeverTrump

2017-05-17_1629 Donald TrumpThe gloves are coming off. I’ve given him his hundred days and more, and in that time he has done nothing but make a mockery of the office and has spit on every principle this nation was founded upon. And has possibly committed treason. I will not go so far as to say he is making me miss Obama, because that was a total nightmare. But I will say that at least Obama’s outward demeanor was never that of an unhinged lunatic burning down everything in his path. And I do realize that some of the more extreme allegations and conspiracy theories levied at Obama – including by yours truly – turned out to be unfounded (others were spot on, but we survived.) The one I’m really missing and gaining a newfound appreciation for is George W. Bush: As incompetent and dim-witted as he could be at times, at least he was a gentleman who had respect for the office and the country. The Republican Carter, if you will. If the Orange Overlord had a shred of dignity, he would step aside and let Mr. Pence take the job. Seeing as this is not going to happen by his own accord, I hereby renew myself to doing my small part in resistance to this Neo-Fascist and all those who enable him. The likes of Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the clown show can go straight to Hell. (Diehard Trumpers – those who are left – don’t even bother defending the man on this page, I am not engaging you. It is a waste of time. This entire thing is beyond absurd. And, yes, it’d be just as bad with Mrs. Clinton, but she’s out of the picture now so that’s irrelevant.) Enough said. #NeverTrump …

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