After seven years, Chinese city of Yulin finally moves to ban dog meat at festival, but cats and other animals still in danger

If one operates under the delusion that all cultures are equal and worthy of respect, here is one’s wake-up call. Yes, action is being taken to end this barbarism. But only when it comes to canines, and only as a public relations move by the local Communist Party boss. From The Independent (UK)

While the majority of Chinese people don’t eat dogs, the Yulin festival has become a focal point for the country’s trade in canine meat. Around 10 million dogs and four million cats are slaughtered for the meat in China each year.

Tens of thousands of killings occurred in Yulin at the festival’s peak, many of them strays and stolen pets, some still wearing their collars.

But following domestic and international protests, authorities cracked down on the festival and the number of animals slaughtered was reduced. Last year, roadblocks were also introduced in order to regulate the flow of animals into the city.

Now, the ban on the sale of dog meat will affect vendors, market traders and restaurants. The apparent severity of the punishment shows the Chinese authorities are serious about the ban, Wendy Higgins of the Humane Society told The Independent.

“This is a key moment and the strongest indication yet the authorities are serious about this,” she said.

Ms Higgins added: “Implementation will be key. Many of the traders who come in trucks are not local and may not know about the ban. Some travel for days to reach the city.”

The newly appointed Communist Party Secretary for Yulin, Mo Gong Ming, is said to be behind the drive to end the trade, as part of a public relations overhaul.

“We understand this is a personal decision from the new Secretary,” Ms Higgins said. “He wants to turn Yulin into a cultural centre and the festival is obviously at odds with that.”

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