Phony uber-American ‘country’ star Toby Keith to perform in Saudi Arabia for men only

2017-05-18_1432 Toby Keith and TrumpNot a joke. The man who once sang ‘we’ll stick a boot up your ass, that’s the American way’ – referring to the Islamic terrorists behind the 9-11 attacks – is now going to kiss the asses of those who funded and enabled said terrorists. Is Toby Keith really this greedy for a dollar that he will travel to an enemy nation and perform at a men’s only concert? – He is worth approximately $500 million according to Forbes in a 2013 article –  All the while portraying himself as Mr. America, more patriotic-than-thou. Could anyone possibly be this much of a fraud as a human being? Oh, and it gets better, as Donald Trump is going to be there, or at least in the city of Riyadh while this is going on. Well, there we go then, birds of a feather flock together. Worse than a bad joke and beyond shameless: Toby Keith is not loyal to his country, he is loyal to his bank account first and foremost. No different than Trump and the rest of these charlatans posing as patriots …

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