Roger Waters – Is This the Life We Really Want?

2017-05-19_0022 Roger Waters Getty Images
Roger Waters: Old, bitter, and too full of himself. Photo: Getty Images

Not in any hurry to check out the new album by former Pink Floyd bassist and vocalist Roger Waters. As noted in this review, Waters is at his most sententious, and I am not one who appreciates moralizing douchebags. In the past I had more tolerance for it, given this is Roger Waters and Animals is an all-time favorite of mine. But he’s taken the self-righteous anger – perfect and necessary in the context of 1977 England – many steps too far, and most especially since he’s been on this anti-Israel bent in recent times. And there is no David Gilmour here to provide a counter-balance, and he is forty-years along and a bitter old man now. The world has enough bitter old men – hell, probably half of you or more reading this fit that category 🙂 – and I’m wanting to enjoy life these days in spite of all the arrant non-sense going on around us. In other words, I fully realize the world around us is a dark, dark place, and I don’t need a washed-up old fart to remind me …

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