No apologies, no shame, no surrender: True conservatives must continue to stand our ground against the Marxist left and Trumpist right

2017-05-26_1141 Ed Willing
Conservative columnist Ed Willing

Trump supporters/Alt-Right folks: You all have a right to be angry about what has happened in America in the 21st century. It is the solutions to these problems that you have undertaken that are so tragically, pathetically, and comically wrong. It has taken a very long time for all of us who opposed the Clintons and Obama (and perhaps the Bushes, et al.) to sort everything out, and we have gone off in different directions now with the emergence of Trump. With all due respect to Ed Willing, he comes off a bit whiny and overly sentimental in his piece, ‘Memo to Conservatives: Please, Make it Stop.’ Why bother seeking reunification with people who do not share our values? This schism on the right has been very instructive in showing us who really lives up to what they purport to believe in, and who just likes playing with guns and complaining about homosexuals, immigrants and the Clintons non-stop. Unlike the author of this piece, I do not want ‘my friends’ back, because they never really were friends to begin with, and I do not want ‘my party’ back because the GOP has never been my party and nowhere is it on record that I have ever declared myself a Republican. What I want is for a major third party to emerge to counter all of the garbage coming out of the Democrats and GOP. What I want is for Americans to stop acting like pathetic sycophants and start thinking for themselves. I am more than happy to abandon this ‘movement’ that has co-opted and perverted conservatism. Frankly, I never again wish to associate myself with some of the more absurd, stereotypical right-wingers out there, even after Trump is gone. I want a conservatism that celebrates the intellect, as opposed to looking down its nose at anyone with an IQ over 100. These rednecks and busybodies supporting Trump are every bit an embarrassment to and a threat to the survival of the Republic as the Marxists are, proven by the fact they chose an authoritarian billionaire more akin to an Eastern European despot over a sincere constitutional conservative and legal genius in Ted Cruz. These types throw around words like ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom,’ but their actions have proven they only seek to dominate society and enforce their will upon others. Flip side of the same coin as the radical left. We #NeverTrumpers need not apologize or answer to anyone, we just need to start organizing and standing our ground. And if that means throwing the Republican Party and the low-brow morons who support it to the wolves for the rest of the time, so be it. America is not going to be healed from its mass sickness overnight, and it will take years for a new political movement to grow and become a force. So be it, let’s get to work making it happen …

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