Gregg Allman, 1947 – 2017

2017-05-27_1721 Allman Brothers BandGregg Allman dies at 69. In all honesty, I never was a huge fan of the Allman Brothers Band. The hippie jam band thing is not really my style, though I’ll take them over the Grateful Dead or anybody else in that vein. Certainly, though, I didn’t hate them, and I even saw them in concert, circa 2000, at what used to be known as Great Woods. That was the night where I smoked a joint in the parking lot with some dude claiming to be an off-duty cop, and my only real memory of the show is my buddy talking my ear the entire time about girl problems or something. Despite being a Southern band, the Allmans were huge here in New England. In fact, just the other day I was reading something about them being the single most played artist on our local classic rock station (WZLX), and when I used to sell concert tickets – hell, I had almost forgotten that I did that at one time – the annual shows at the Beacon Theater in NYC were always in high demand. More recently, a friend of mine who is a caterer was telling me about cooking for Gregg Allman and what a good guy he was. Of course, I’ll always remember his very convincing performance as the lead villain in the movie ‘Rush.’ So now, I’ll put on ‘In the Memory of Elizabeth Reed’ in memory of Gregg Allman, as well as the recently departed Butch Trucks. #RIPGreggAllman

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