Millennial girls rejecting Millennial boys in favor of older men: Somewhat understandable, but just plain wrong

2017-05-30_0432 Millennial men in rompers
The new Millennial trend: Men wearing rompers. Photo: Esquire

I don’t know what a ‘Tinderverse’ is, but this disgusts me. Speaking in generalities, of course – lest somebody reading can’t figure that out on their own, and they usually can’t – Millennial girls are just as immature and stupid as the Millennial boys. They’re nothing special, that’s for sure. No self-respecting man over the age of 35 should want to be with most any of these spoiled little brats, but of course men are men and are going to be pigs. And many women – more so than ever, if we’re being brutally honest – are going to be gold-diggers, and wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Meaning they demand to be independent but also be taken care of at the same time. You’re a pathetic generation, Millennials – boys and girls alike – but I salute those rare few exceptions for breaking the mold. People ought to be with others in their own age group and should take care of their own damn selves, it is as simple as that …

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