Populism in America: ‘voicing the will of the people while being mostly preoccupied with silencing dissent’

2017-05-30_0513 Stalin Hitler MaoThe dangers of populism: Hitler was a populist. Mao was a populist. In each case, millions died. The American strands of populism – left and right – may not necessarily lead to the slaughter of countless innocents, but populism is the poison that will destroy this republic if it is not contained starting right now. From The Millennial Federalist

The danger of populism is that its vessel must inherently claim to be the one true voice of the people which inevitably leads to opposition being seen as an enemy of the people, meaning “the people” becomes only a quasi-representation of the populace based upon prejudiced sensibilities and the “enemy of the people”, regardless of its true size, nature, or argument, becomes a marginalized group of “non-peoples” firstly used as a direction towards which to direct the anger of “the people”, secondly to blame the woes of “the people” upon, and thirdly and eventually becomes disenfranchised second citizens whose voices are silenced in order to allow the voice of “the people” to go uncontested.

Continue reading – https://millennialfederalist.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/the-great-lie-of-populism/

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