Radical leftists and nationalists destined for civil war, the rest of us must find refuge

Wherever one goes, there will always be a left and a right, and the two sides will always be in contention to one extent or another. And if this country splits in two, as David French suggests may happen, there will separate political factions in each of the new nations that will be at odds. The short and the long of it is there are only small remnants of reasonable, level-headed, good-hearted people left. America is going the way of these tinpot, Third World countries that are in constant turmoil, decade after decade. Most have given themselves over to unbridled anger and extremism – I speak of the radical left, which is about 95% of the left today, and the nationalist/Trumpist right-wing, which if I had to guess is somewhere between 70% to 75% of the right. The problem with both of these camps is their closed-mindedness and desire to dominate others, both believing theirs are the only solutions and that anyone who dares disagree, even in the slightest, is to be silenced, beaten, or even killed. There is an extreme lack of civility and maturity being displayed by both camps, and their political leaders only egg their minions on instead of attempting to heal the divide as a responsible leader would do. Mr. French speaks of people insulating themselves from others, and I say those of us not wishing to take either side in this brewing civil war will be left with no recourse but to insulate ourselves from these clowns and jokers. It may even mean we’ll have to leave the country for a spell, returning only after all the loonies have killed themselves off. Where we go, hell if I know. A lot of things that once seemed out of the realm of possibility to peaceful Americans are going to come to pass in short order, once the bloodshed starts …

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