Retiring the term ‘RINO.’ Conservatism and the Republican Party are not synonymous with one another

Not out of respect for these types, but I suggest it is time we retire the term ‘Republican in Name Only,’ or ‘RINO.’ The Republican Party stands for nothing, it is not synonymous with conservatism and really never has been. The GOP is merely a vehicle for politicians – some conservative, most not-so-much – to win elections, and that is what it has been throughout its entire history, save for its very earliest days as the party opposed to Southern interests. It has only been in the last fifty-ish years that conservatism, as we know it today, has been a powerful force within the GOP, starting in earnest with Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign and culminating with the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Over time GOP has steadily morphed into the exact opposite of what it once was, now the party dominated by those Confederates whose forebears were banished from the Democratic Party. These types are by no means socially liberal -just the opposite – but they are not truly conservative, either. ‘Nationalists’ would be the correct term. They just use a lot of the language of conservatism and pervert it to their own ends. They do not truly respect and honor the Constitution. In all times, a Republican, just as with a Democrat, is whatever he or she needs or desires to be in a given time and circumstance. A true conservative is principled and unwavering, regardless of their party affiliation or lack thereof. The time is coming very soon (think immediately after the 2018 mid-terms when the GOP inevitably gets wiped out) for the few true conservatives in Congress – Cruz, Sasse, Lee, etc. – to break away and begin growing a new alliance, and let the rest of these Republicans who stand for nothing but their own personal ambitions have their Stupid Party. And perhaps honest liberals – as opposed to Marxist ‘Progressives’ – will finally see the need to divorce themselves from the Democrats. Maybe we can start building a true multi-party system that gives more Americans a voice and some flexibility at the voting booth …

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