Alex Jones stabs Megyn Kelly in the back

This deceitful piece of crap thinks he is invincible. Sooner or later his luck will run out and somebody is going to rightfully put him in his place. Why the Bush 43 administration didn’t do so when they had the opportunity – years back when he was spouting off his ‘9/11 was an inside job’ non-sense on a daily basis – will always be a mystery to me. Megyn, you should have known better than to have gone near this snake. By the way, while he now says Sandy Hook was not a hoax, I remember full well he was peddling that sick conspiracy theory on his radio show at the time it happened. Personally, I’ve been following him off-and-on since 2006: He also claims Columbine was a hoax and to my knowledge he has never rescinded that claim. At one time I found this stuff entertaining and maybe even questioned whether some of his claims were true, as jaded and cynical as I had become (to say nothing of the fact I was an severe, active alcoholic during that period and therefore not in my right mind.) This is no laughing matter anymore. Not when these angry, Alt Right conspiracy clowns have become so numerous they can elect the world’s biggest douche-bag to the presidency and cause all sorts of chaos in our country. Go to Hell, Alex Jones …

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